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As power systems evolve, the need for accurate, intuitive simulation tools becomes more and more important. With PSCAD™/EMTDC™ you can build, simulate, and model your systems with ease, providing limitless possibilities in power system simulation. 

This half-day seminar covers the fundamentals of the study of electromagnetic transients in electrical networks. A number of application areas such as AC transients, fault and protection, transformer saturation, wind power, FACTS, power quality, as well as other power systems topics will be discussed with practical examples serving to illustrate the subjects. Several case studies, including in the NEM context, will be applied in detail to highlight practical situations encountered by engineers in the field. The agenda will cover:


•        Introduction to electromagnetic transient simulation

•        Background and key technical considerations

•        Typical applications

•        Brief illustration

Session 2 PSCAD Applications - Part 1

•        Switching, lightning and insulation coordination

•        Capacitor bank switching, transformer energizing, breaker TRV

•        Parallel line resonance, harmonic issues

•        Power quality, voltage flicker, harmonic (industrial loads and motor starting)

Session 3 PSCAD Applications – Part 2

•          Application of FACTS devices - STATCOM

•          HVDC applications

•          Integration of wind

•          Sub-synchronous resonance

•          Modeling generators, exciters, governors and PSS


Dharshana Muthumuni PhD, PEng, is the Technical Director of the Manitoba HVDC Research Centre. He has 20 years of experience in engineering studies using a variety of simulation products during his career including PSCAD™ and PSS/E. His expertise is regularly sought out by clients around the world for his strong and wide ranging technical knowledge on power system behavior, model development and simulation studies. He has lead the technical team to solve challenging problems including HVDC and generation interconnections, wind integration into weak grids, FACTS based solutions, SSR screening techniques and power quality and harmonics. In addition to his engineering study experience, Dharshana has been a key developer of the PSCAD simulation tool and has conducted training workshops on a variety of power system topics for our global clients. Dr. Muthumuni has developed many customer custom models and developed simulations techniques for specific studies including working closely with equipment vendors to address their simulation requirements.

Roberta Desserre PEng, MBA, is the Managing Director of Manitoba HVDC Research Centre (MHRC), a division of Manitoba Hydro International Ltd. of Winnipeg Canada. Roberta is responsible for overseeing the technical and commercial delivery of MHRC products and services to the global power industry.

Who should attend?

Practicing engineers, students, and researchers in power systems and power electronics, who are interested in developing an in depth understanding of the modern tools available for the analysis of transient events in the network.


9am – 1.00pm

Conference Room 

Darlington Centre, The University of Sydney


No registration fee for student/academic/research

$50 (+ GST) pp corporate

Fee includes instruction, materials and catering


Rgistration is essential by Monday,17 March 2014 to

Email:  dianne.ellis@sydney.edu.au

For more information, please contact 

Email:  Joe.dong@sydney.edu.au