About the new Power Laboratory

The EIE  state-of-the-art power engineering facility incorporates the Sir William Tyree laboratory in Power Engineering, the ABB Technology Centre, TECHLANDTM studios, research facilities, academic and research personnel offices, and an auditorium.

This modern facility integrates, in a unique and seamless way, many professional functions to facilitate learning, industry training and continuous interaction between students, industry colleagues and academia to address the skills shortage in power engineering in Australia.

The facility has been made possible through the generosity of philantropy, industry and the university that have developed strong partnerships to address common challenges.

Industry people, academia , students and staff have been invited on Thursday, 25 february 2010 to visit the Sir William Tyree laboratory and the ABB Technology Centre.

Highlights from the Laboratory Visit 

For all participants, or maybe those who couldn't make it at the event here is the laboratory and the visit  photo album.