Lecturers and Senior Lecturers

Dr David Boland  

MEng, PhD

+(612) 9351 7230
856, J03

Areas of interest: Reconfigurable computing, FPGA/GPU acceleration, Numerical Analysis, Optimisation, Computer architecture, Computer-aided design of integrated circuits.

Research Group: 
Computer Engineering Lab

 David Boland
Dr Liwei Li  

BENG, PhD, Member, IEEE

Ph: +(612) 9351 8568
Room: 474, J03
Email: liwei.li@sydney.edu.au

Areas of interest: Fiber-optics, microwave photonics, integrated photonics, photonic sensing, photonic signal processing, optical communications and optical phased arrays.

Research Group: Photonics Engineering

 liwei li
Dr Zihuai Lin  

Senior Lecturer

Ph: +(612) 9351 4485
Room: 751, J03
Email: zihuai.lin@sydney.edu.au

Academic Profile

Research Group: Telecommunications Laboratory

 zihuai lin
Dr Jin Ma  

Senior Lecturer

Ph: +(612) 9114 1300
Room: 310, J03
Email: jma@sydney.edu.au

Areas of interest: Future Energy Networks.
Academic Profile

Research Group: Centre for Future Energy Networks

Dr Ke Meng  


Ph: +(612) 9351 3863
Room: 308, J03
Email: ke.meng@sydney.edu.au

Areas of interest: power systems, power system planning, power system stability and control, smart grid, electricity market.
Academic Profile

Research Group: Centre for Future Energy Networks

Dr Swamidoss Sathiakumar  

Senior Lecturer
BSc American Coll. India BE ME PhD I.I.Sc., MIEEE, IE Aust Corporate

Ph: +(612) 9351 4640
Room: 305, J03
Email:   s.sathiakumar@sydney.edu.au

Areas of interest: Control of electric machines, Realtime control with micro controllers, Power Converters and switching techniques, Power Electronics, Power Quality, Sensing technologies, Smart grid, Smart City.
Academic Profile

Research Group: Centre for Future Energy Networks

Dr Mahyar Shirvanimoghaddam   

Scholarly Teaching Fellow in Telecommunications Engineering
PhD, MSc, and BSc 

Ph: +(612) 8627 0393
Room: 721, J03
Email:   mahyar.shirvanimoghaddam@sydney.edu.au

Areas of interest: Wireless Communications, Error Control Coding, Internet of Things, Massive Access Technologies.

Research Group: Telecommunications Laboratory

Dr Yash Shrivastava  

Senior Lecturer

Ph: +(612) 9351 2819
Room: 309, J03
Email: yash.shrivastava@sydney.edu.au

Areas of interest:
Power Converters and Switching Techniques, Power Electronics, Power Quality, and Control Theory.
Academic Profile

Research Group: Centre for Future Energy Networks

Dr Gregor Verbic  

Senior Lecturer
PhD Sci.in EE

Ph: +(612) 9351 8136
Room: 307, J03
Email:  gregor.verbic@sydney.edu.au

Areas of interest: Dynamical Systems, Dynamical Systems and Control, Artificial intelligence in power systems, Power systems dynamics, Automatic control, Renewable Energy Systems, Smart grid, Smart City.
Academic Profile

Research Group: Centre for Future Energy Networks

Dr Phee Yeoh  

Senior Lecturer

Ph: +(612) 9351 6386
Room: 723, J03
Email: phee.yeoh@sydney.edu.au

Areas of interest: Telecommunications, Wireless communications, Mobile communications, Multiuser detection, MIMO systems, Cognitive mobile networks, Wireless security.

Research Group: Telecommunications Laboratory

 Phee Yeoh
Dr Dong Yuan  

B.Eng & M.Eng (SDU), PhD (SUT)

Ph: +(612) 8627 2007
Room: 550B
Email: dong.yuan@sydney.edu.au

Areas of interest: Cloud computing, software engineering, Internet of things, big data management, parallel and distributed computing, business process management, workflow technologies, e-science, service computing.

Academic Profile

Dr Decler Hague  

External Lecturer

Ph: +(612) 9351 2016
Room406, J03 
Email: decler.hague@sydney.edu.au 

Terry Lampard  

EXternal Lecturer

Room: 412, J03

Dr Keith Mitchell  

External Lecturer

Ph: +(612) 9352 2016
Room: 406, J03
Email: keith.mitchell@sydney.edu.au

Dr Suranga Seneviratne  

External Lecturer

Room: 412, J03

Dr Peter Stepien  

External Lecturer

Email: peter.stepien@sydney.edu.au

Dr Daniel Versick  

External Lecturer

Room: 412, J03

Arek Yapoudjian  

External Lecturer

Email: arek.yapoudjian@sydney.edu.au

 Dr Yi Yang  

Casual Lecturer

Email: napoleon.yy@gmail.com


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