New Heights in Engineering Education

In late 2009, the AaeE (Australasian Association for Engineering Education) conference was held at the University of Adelaide. AAEE's Annual Conference is Australasia's premier engineering education event. Usually hosted in Australia or New Zealand, the conference is a key networking opportunity and showcase for what is new and exciting in engineering education. This year the conference featured in excess of 220 papers, with an attendance of over 300 academics, industry and scholars.

It is with great pleasure that I announce that, the paper submitted by myself and Dave Levy has come in the top 3 and has been nominated for the award of 'Innovation in Curricula, Learning and Teaching'.

I have had a very positive response to this initial paper, with many academics from all over the country asking more about this project and showing extensive interest in the work that we’ve done so far.

Very strong support for this work has also come from:

  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Jolanta (Yola) Szymakowskil - Associate Dean (University of Western Australia)
  • Prof. Janis Swan - Associate Dean Engineering (The University of Waikato - Hamilton, New Zealand)
  • Dr Shaowen Qin - School of Computer Science, Engineering & Mathematics (Flinders University Adelaide)

Hilary Beck from QUT summed it up by saying: "you have done what many of us have been talking about for years".

I hope this work will give a boost to the University of Sydney in the area of education and innovation and in particular to the Electrical Engineering Department, as well as the Institute of Teaching and Learning.

Dave and I have now sent a second paper on the same subject to the 6th International CDIO Conference 2010 in Montreal, Canada.

For your reference, I attach the nomination scanned directly from the AaeE conference.

Alci Popp.