Emeritus, Honorary and Adjunct Affiliates

Em Prof Trevor Cole  

Emeritus Professor
BE W.Aust. PhD Camb., FIEAust

Areas of interest: Telecommunications, Product Development.

Hon Prof Zhao Yang (Joe) Dong  

Honorary Professor 

Ph: +(612) 9351 2335
Room: 402, J03
Email: joe.dong@sydney.edu.au

Areas of interest: power systems, power system planning, power system stability and control, smart grid, electricity market.

Research Group: Centre for Future Energy Networks

Hon Prof Hong Yan  

Honorary Professor
BS Nanjing U.P.T. MSE Mich. PhD Yale, FIEEE FIAPR FIEAust

Ph: +(612) 9351 6579
Room: 550, J03
Email: h.yan@cityu.edu.hk

Areas of interest: Image processing, Pattern recognition, Bioinformatics.

Prof George Maltabarow  

Adjunct Professor

Ph: +(612) 9351 3229

Email: gmaltaba@bigpond.net.au

Dr Fang Chen  

Adjunct Professor

Water Professional of the Year Winner 2016

Ph: +(612) 9490 5601 

Email: fang.chen@data61.csiro.au

Hon A/Prof Shiping Chen  

Honorary Associate Professor
PhD, M.Eng, B.Eng

Email: shiping.chen@data61.csiro.au

Areas of interest: software engineering, application security, blockchain and service computing.

Academic Profile

 A/Prof Shiping Chen
Hon A/Prof David Levy  

Honorary Associate Professor
BSc MSc (Eng) PhD Natal, MIEEE, MACM, FRS(NSW)

Ph: +(612) 9351 6579
Room: 555, J03
Email: david.levy@sydney.edu.au

Areas of interest: 
Computer Engineering, Real-time Systems, Real-time CASE Tools, Embedded Systems, Intelligent Sensors, Neuromorphic Systems, Distributed systems, Middleware, Electronic Nose.

Research Group: Software Engineering


Hon A/Prof Dylan Lu  

Honorary Associate Professor

Ph: +(612) 9351 3496
Room: 306, J03
Email: dylan.lu@sydney.edu.au

Areas of interest: Synthesis, Modeling and Analysis of Power Electronics Circuits, Control for Power Electronics Systems, Computer-Aided-Design of Circuits, Soft-Switching Techniques, Power Factor Correction, Renewable Energy Systems.
Academic Profile

Research Group: Centre for Future Energy Networks

Dr Linh Nguyen  

Adjunct Associate Professor

Email: linh.n@sydney.edu.au ; linh.nguyen@dsto.defence.gov.au


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