$2.675m to create education hub for power and telecommunications engineering

[11 January 2013]

The School of Electrical and Information Engineering has been awarded $2.675m funding towards the upgrading of existing facilities for the teaching and research of power and telecommunications engineering.

The funding was received through the University’s capital infrastructure priorities funding ‘2013-2017 and Beyond’. Projects are selected from a priority list for delivery in the following year.

The project will be delivered by Campus Infrastructure and Services, and will include three projects:

Project 1 Laboratory update

Major refurbishment works on Level 4 to provide an upgraded research laboratory with the environmental controls and services required to support the ongoing research of Sydney researchers in power engineering in areas like advanced electronic control of electricity grids using utility power electronics; energy storage and generation with sustainable energy sources; direct current microgrids and high-voltage direct-current power transmissions topologies and control.

Project 2 Learning space

Refurbishment works on Level 4 to provide facilities and an optimal learning environment to postgraduate and senior undergraduate students in power and radio frequency (RF) engineering and antennas. 

Project 3 Learning space

Refurbishment works on Level 7 to provide an educational hub for undergraduate and postgraduate students, including:: 

  • a) facilities to postgraduate research students in the early years of their candidature and students in the final stages of their research degrees;

  • b) the future home for the Joint Research Centre in Telecommunications with the Chinese Academy of Sciences;

  • c) new 30-seat seminar room for postgraduate student seminars

  • d) hospitality suite to accommodate researchers and students.