Research Conversazione 2013 Prize Winners 

Our strength across the field of electrical and information engineering is borne out by the range of posters submitted at Research Conversazione this year. Students are exploring ways to assess myocardial structure and function using advanced imaging electrical impedance spectroscopy; developing models for predicting the credit risk in institutional loans as well as developing Wi-Fi based technology to see through walls using a low-power, portable devices for the civilian market. 

 Students competed for industry-sponsored prizes in a number of categories listed below.

 "The recognition of the efforts of our engineering students by industry is very much appreciated," says Head of School, Professor Joe Dong.


 ABB Prize in Power Engineering

 Winner: Le An

 Title: DC/DC Converter Design for PVPump System

 Presented by: Steve Robinson, Business Unit Manager, High Voltage Power Products


 AEMO Prize in Power Engineering (Energy Markets)

 Winner: Mingfei Wu

 Title: A New Active Damping Method for Stablization of DC Microgrid with Constant Power Loads

 Presented by: Mark Miller, General Manager Real Time


 Alstom Prize in Power Engineering

 Winner: Hesam Marzooghi

 Title: Aggregated Demand Response Modeling for the Performance and Stability Assessment of the Future Grid Scenarios

 Presented by: Bernard Hayes, Country Sales Director Global Power Sales-Oceania Region 


 Ampcontrol Prize in Power Engineering

 Winner: Barton McPherson

 Title: Solution for the Efficient Utilization of Power Transformers

 Presented by: Dr Peter Stepien, Senior Research & Development Engineer, ResTech


 Cochlear Prize in Biomedical Engineering

 Winner: Calla Christina Klafas

 Title: Design of an Intra-operative Imaging System for Cochlear Implant Insertion

 Presented by: Dr Alistair McEwan, Senior Lecturer, The University of Sydney Prize in Software Engineering

 Winner: Farzad Noorian

 Title: Stochastic Model Predictive Hedging of Foreign Exchange Risk

 Presented by: Darren Williams, Chief Technology Officer


 NHP Prize in Electronic Engineering

 Winner: Melad Farraha

 Title: Development & Optimisation of Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy for Vivo Assessment of the Myocardial Post-Ischemic Micro Environment

 Presented by: Vincent Leung, Application Engineer


 NICTA Prize in Computer Engineering

 Winner: Michael Frechtling

 Title: MCALIB – A Tool for Automated Error Analysis

 Presented by: Stephen Hardy, Technology Director, Computational Analytics, 


 ResMed Prize in Biomedical Engineering

 Winner: Narjesossadat Nourbaksh

 Title: GSR and Blink Features for Cognitive Load Classification

 Presented by: Gordon Malouf, Section Lead Investigational Devices


 Siemens Prize in Electronic Engineering

 Winner: Liana Paolino

 Title: Optoelectronic Oscillator incorporating a Microwave Photonic Filter

 Presented by: John Gaskell, Director of the Foundation


 Telstra Prize in Telecommunications Engineering

 Winner: Danan Thilakanathan

 Title: Secure Data Sharing and Collaboration in the Cloud

 Presented by: John Gaskell, Director of the Foundation


 TransGrid Prize in Power Engineering

 Winner: Melanie Joy Dunnill

 Title: Effects of Wind Generation on Transient Stability in the NEM

 Presented by: Zhang Li, Acting Network Support and Research Manager


 Tyree Industries Prize in Electrical Engineering

 Winner: Raphael Haddad

 Title: Financial Time-Series Classification with Wavelets

 Presented by: John Gaskell, Director of the Foundation


 The Human Centred Technology Group Prize in Software Engineering

 Winner: Mitchell Glen Marks

 Title: Configurable Printer Re-targeting

 Presented by: Dr Alistair McEwan, Senior Lecturer, The University of Sydney.


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