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A/Prof David Levy
A/Prof David Levy

The University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne, Queensland University of Technology and the University of Auckland are adopting an innovative educational framework for producing the next generation of graduate engineers. This framework, called CDIO (Conceive - Design - Implement - Operate), provides undergraduate students with an education which stresses engineering fundamentals set in the context of real-world systems and products. The framework includes learning experiences that lead to the acquisition of personal, interpersonal, product and system building skills, integrated with the learning of disciplinary content. It provides a holistic framework for a strong engineering education incorporating a complete set of graduate attributes.

CDIO is universally adaptable by all engineering schools as the framework for their curricular planning and outcome-based assessment and was developed through an International Collaborative Initiative with input from academics, industry, professional engineers and students.

A consortium over 30 Universities across the world, led by MIT, is committed to setting their engineering programmes in the CDIO context and the framework is becoming increasingly widely adopted.

The collaborators are joining together in a drive to improve engineering education to complement the efforts of many national bodies such as Engineers Australia and corresponding bodies in the USA, UK and Europe.

Further information about CDIO and the collaborating Universities, programs and standards may be found at

We have established an ANZ Regional Centre for CDIO, jointly organised by Sydney, Melbourne, QUT and Auckland, and seek your participation in this exciting and innovative approach to Engineering Education. Our first event, a Workshop, was held on 17-18th July 2007 at the University of Sydney. It was led by Prof. Daryl Boden of the US Naval Academy and Prof. Kristina Edstrm of KTH, Sweden. Since then there have been CDIO sessions at the AaeE conferences in Dec 2007 and Dec 2008.

The regional group was formally recognised by the CDIO Council in 2008, and AaeE was simultaneosly recognised as an affiliate organisation.

The ANZ CDIO Regional Group is planning future regional activities to share ideas and experiences of active learning, design and build projects, first year experiences and many other aspects of the CDIO standards.

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