Associate  Professors

A/Prof Javid Atai  

Associate Professor, Associate Dean (Research)
BSc (Hons.) W.Aust. Ph.D. ANU Senior Member IEEE

Ph: +(612) 9351 2828
Room: 654, J03

Areas of interest: Fiber-Optics, Photonics, Optical Communications, Nonlinear Optical Phenomena, Solitons.
Academic Profile

Research Group: Fibre-optics and Photonics Laboratory

A/Prof Craig Jin  

Associate Professor
BS (Stanford University), MS (CalTech), PhD (The University of Sydney)

Ph: +(612) 9114 7208
Room: 854, J03

Areas of interest: Computer engineering, Augmented Reality and wearable computing, Auditory displays, Sonification - Rendering data as audio, Wearable sensors technology, Multimedia Engineering, Virtual reality displays, Immersive environments, Audio Engineering, Speech recognition, Speech coding, 3D audio, Virtual auditory space, Auditory modelling, Hearing aids, Perceptual audio coding, Signal Processing, Analysis/Synthesis filter banks, Digital Signal Processing, Coding Theory, Custom Computing, Field programmable Gate Arrays, Field programmable Custom Computers, Neuromorphic Engineering, Analogue and Digital Integrated circuit design.
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Research Group: Computing and Audio

A/Prof Jin Ma  

Associate Professor

Ph: +(612) 9114 1300
Room: 310, J03

Areas of interest: Future Energy Networks.
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Research Group: Centre for Future Energy Networks

A/Prof Abelardo Pardo  

Associate Professor
PhD in Computer Science, University of Colorado at Boulder

Ph: +(612) 9351 4116
Room: 554, J03

Areas of interest: Technology enhanced learning with emphasis on learning and behavioral analytics, Computer supported collaborative learning, and personalization of learning experiences..
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Research Group: Software Engineering Lab

A/Prof Keith Willey  

Associate Professor

Ph: +(612) 8627 5141
Room: 452, J12

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 Keith Willey
A/Prof Weidong Xiao  

Associate Professor
MASc and PhD, University of British Columbia, Canada
Senior member of IEEE and associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics.

Ph: +(612) 9351 3496
Room: 306, J03

Areas of interest: Modelling, design, simulation, and control of power electronics with focus on photovoltaic power systems, DC micro grids, DC distribution systems, and emerging industries.
Academic Profile

Research Group: Centre for Future Energy Networks

 A/P Weidong Xiao

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